How it Works

  • Fox Hill Luxury Real Estate Service can care for and maintain your fine home or estate. We begin with a complimentary on-site visit and inspection from our experienced staff who will document all your homes systems and create a comprehensive maintenance profile.
  • We then provide you with an annual Care & Maintenance Program which we update annually. This plan will reflect the Care & Maintenance services you have selected and any special requests.
  • Fox Hill Luxury Real Estate’s Care & Maintenance Program allows us to maintain accurate and up-to-date records for all the work completed at your home. This allows us to provide you with an annual budget and maintenance history for all services you’ve received.
  • Fox Hill Luxury Real Estate Services will schedule the work you have approved in your Care & Maintenance Plan, and your Care & Maintenance Manager will meet the service provider/s at your home whenever required. If requested, we can supervise any project to confirm all work is completed correctly and on time.
  • From time to time, every home encounters problems that require emergency service. Fox Hill Luxury Real Estate Services Clients can be confident that they’ll receive a prompt response from us and a qualified service provider will handle any home maintenance emergency.
  • We schedule and coordinate all the maintenance services and pay the maintenance bills. You receive one monthly statement from us of what was completed and write one check to Fox Hill Luxury Real Estate Services for the service work performed.