We listened to what our luxury real estate clients were saying. Properly maintaining their fine home or estate was difficult and time-consuming to say the least. The basic maintenance of systems occurs weekly, monthly or quarterly, so the scheduling and coordination of your service experts is time consuming and frustrating sometimes taking several phone calls just to set a service appointment.

We know we do it daily and scheduling annual or emergency service and repairs can be challenging.

Fox Hill Luxury Real Estate Services, is a licensed Home Improvement contractor specializing in luxury real estate care and maintenance services. We firewall our clients from the frustrations and challenges associated with dealing with service providers. We are a full-service luxury real estate maintenance company.

We schedule and coordinate all your fine home or estates regular maintenance needs.  We have dozens of the top licensed and insured service providers in our network who we have worked with in the finest homes in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Fox Hill delivers unsurpassed service, competitive pricing and timely response for all your homes maintenance needs.

Now you can enjoy more time and the peace-of-mind that comes from having a personal, professional team oversee the care and maintenance of your fine home and estate. Your time is precious.

Fox Hill Luxury Real Estate Services takes the hassle out of maintaining your luxury real estate, so you can enjoy the truly important things in your life.

We make sure the grass is cut, the pool is cleaned and the HVAC is perfect before you arrive for the weekend!

Give Fox Hill Luxury Real Estate Services a call toll free at 877-869-8376. We would like to be your exclusive luxury real estate care and maintenance company.