Real Estate Services


Luxury Real Estate Services

Real Estate ♦ Care ♦ Maintenance

“Our clients wanted a service to help them maintain their fine homes and estates”

We listened and came up with a cost effective solution that our clients just love
Our service gives our clients value, cost control and peace of mind
Our clients expected a  cost reduction and increased service efficiency
We inspect and compile a list of repairs for our clients approval
We provide complete maintenance services for luxury properties & estates
We provide Handyman Services on a monthly basis or at a moments notice
We provide quality service for all of our clients systems
We service, and maintain our clients homes so they don’t have too
We photo document any issues before during and after the repairs
We preserve your home by keeping it properly maintained
We keep your systems operating efficiently
We provide Construction and Project Management
We provide Site Security camera setup and monitoring
Our goal is to keep your property looking and running its best
We work to ensure everything has been taken care of before your arrival
Our skilled craftsman will keep your property running efficiently
We will keep your home looking its best
We give you more time to enjoy life
We are fully licensed and insured
Experience the Fox Hill Difference